May 4, 2011

Article by By John K. Taylor Originally Posted Here.
For someone who has never paid too much attention to websites, beside what they’re offering for free or the important information that can be found on them, it would be easy to think that it doesn’t take a great amount of skill to put […]

April 11, 2011

Article Written By Gary Davies Originally Posted here.
Graphical design and content is given utmost importance by most website designers while creating an online website. But most of them forget to realize that colors too, play a very important role in creating eye catching and visually attractive w […]

Article by Denise Rutledge Originally Posted here.
Research says yes. Color plays a major role in how your website impacts visitors. A study conducted by Richard H. Hall and Patrick Hanna in 2004 evaluated text versus background color combinations for four factors: 1) Readability, 2) retention, 3) a […]