Renovating Our Master Bedroom

by Alan Prachar on  October 1, 2013 |

Back in 2011, my wife an I bought a 100 year old house in Freehold, NJ. All the major house systems were in perfect condition, it had new siding, a new roof, the house had been retrofit with ductwork and forced air HVAC. All the major things had been done. However, it did have it’s… eccentricities. For example, the previous owners had owned a carpet shop. And we can only guess to help sell the house, they carpeted it with whatever they had lying around the store.

Which brings us to the master bedroom, which had a carpet you would only find in an aging Atlantic City casino. We lived in the house for a year before we got around to renovating it. We added a new floor, new paint, a ceiling fan, new closet systems and more. We did all the work ourselves. This was our first major renovation in the house and we love the way it came out.


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