Kitchen Renovation

by Alan Prachar on  October 7, 2015 |

We knew we had a lot of work to do on our 110 year old farmhouse in Freehold when we bought it, but by far the biggest project to tackle was our kitchen. There was nothing positive to say about the existing kitchen at all! I’ve spent the last year renovating it! We started planning the planning in October of 2014, with the first hammer swing of demolition taking place on November 15th. Every weekend, every vacation, was spent working on the kitchen. We found a lot of surprises! The first was discovering the wall we were removing used to be an exterior wall, as evident by the cedar shingles behind the sheetrock. The next big surprise? Finding a 40″ deep brick well in a sealed crawl space beneath the existing kitchen!

A year later, our kitchen is complete, it’s beautiful, and I couldn’t be happy with the end result. This is one design my wife and I are extremely proud of!


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