Fix The New Google Chrome New Tab

by Alan Prachar on  October 3, 2013 |

I use Chrome almost exclusively, if I’m in another browser, I’m either checking website cross browser compatibility or I’m logging into some Google product with a client’s credentials and don’t want to log out of my own stuff. That being said, this might be a useful tip.

I just received a Chrome update, and they’ve completely changed the “New Tab” layout to one that has a Google search box and thumbnails of your 8 most often viewed web sites. This presented two problems for me.

Problem Number One: I always had my new tab set to display Chrome apps, because I use those constantly. This is no longer an option in the new tab, and beyond that, Google doesn’t explain how to get to that apps screen. I eventually figured out it had been relegated to a button on the bookmarks bar, which doesn’t even make sense as it’s not a bookmark.

Problem Number 2: I’m always sharing my screen at work, and people there do not need to see my most viewed websites. Google doesn’t offer any options to turn this feature off.

Ironically enough, a quick search of Google showed me exactly how to defeat Google.

Here’s how you disable it, type chrome://flags into the Omni bar, and disable “Enable Instant extended API” This will set things back to the way they were.

  • Copy and paste this into the Chrome address bar: chrome://flags (this is how you get into the deeper Chrome settings)
  • Find the settings for Enable Instant extended API.
  • To disable the “New New Tab”, switch Enable Instant extended API to disabled.
  • Click on the relaunch button that appears once you do so.

There you go, back to normal.


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