Does Your Website Have the Caffeine Factor?

by Alan Prachar on  April 9, 2011 |

Article by: Sandi Smith Originally Posted here.

Did you know you only have about 2 seconds to get the attention of your web visitor these days?

One of the biggest problems in marketing is getting your message through the noise of all the other messages out there. Your message won’t even reach your prospect unless you have the prospect’s attention, and it’s competing with hundreds of other messages that are bombarding your prospect daily. The first goal of any website – any marketing media, for that matter – is to stand out and get the prospect’s attention.

That means that your web site must have what I call “The Caffeine Factor.”

What happens when you drink a beverage like coffee with caffeine in it? You wake up. You pay attention better. You can focus. Wouldn’t you love it if your web site did the same thing to people as caffeine does? If your web site woke people up, had them paying attention, and focused on your message, you would get far more prospects wanting to know how to work with you.

To add the caffeine factor to the home page on your web site, here are three tips:

  1. Create an attention-getting headline. Your headline should be the biggest attention-attractor on the entire page. For best results, there are a couple of forms your headline can take. I like to ask a question the best, such as “Do you want to make money?” “Do you need more clients?” or “Do you want to grow your business?” Others like to create a command, like “Make Money Now,” “Get More Clients” or “Grow Your Business.” In either case, make it catchy and attention-getting. Give your headline some caffeine.
  2. Keep your design clean with a lot of white space and breathing room. It will be a refreshing change from today’s overcrowded everything. Your design should direct your web site visitor to exactly where you want them to pay attention. Do this through quality graphical elements. Take off anything you have that’s blinking or moving. It makes you look desperate, and it’s so 2006.
  3. Create a header for your web site that has one purpose: to let your web visitor know if they’re in the right place or not. If your visitor is looking for a dry cleaners and you’re a florist, no need to waste their time or yours. Make it clear who you are and what you offer by using common generic labels in your header. You’ll distinguish yourself from the competition later, but for now you’ll gain trust by reassuring the web visitor that they’re in the right place.

Those are just three of the eight must-haves on your home page to produce “The Caffeine Factor.” If you’re ready to have your web site visitors wake up and smell the coffee, then get the Caffeine factor percolating on your site today.


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